192.168.l.l login

192.168.l.l login


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Something we do not notice much and type the address in the browser address bar 192.168.l.l which is completely wrong. Remember IP address is made with some numbers and dot(.). There is no alphabet or any symbol used in IP address. To define, we can say it is a default IP of some network devices. For example, router manufacturer companies like such as Linksys, Netgear use this address And also IP Address is a private IP address and such addresses can be used many times on the different networks. as a default IP

We have to know that a default IP will let you simply access its router configuration settings. In your browser address bar

you have to enter you will have to put the default “username” and “password’.Remember different router brands have different login details.Also is called a private IP address because it can only be identified inside the network it is currently working in and not outside of it.

Now you will be directed to router’s settings page.You will find there many options in menu. And search Setup Wizard. It helps you connect to the network router to perform configuration or network administration functions.Meantime in the network it will identify the other PC.

There are some conditions where you will not find login box,even you have typed default IP Address.How does this happen?

Lets explain about this situation. 1.If you have typed wrong IP Address than this problem occurs.So check the user guide properly.Also you can visit producer’s website. 2.On other hand if your router has a fault than you will face this problem.In this case better is to contact your manufacturer. as a private address is considered a private IP address.Normally in small networks, private IP are used.An address is considered private if it falls into one of the addresses ranges reserved for private use by Internet Standards Group. They are typically used on local network that include school and business LANs. A computer or device that uses a private IP address is not able to directly connect to the Internet. Conversely, a PC or device situated outside of the local network is not able to connect to a device using a private IP address directly. These connections must go through a router or other device that implements NAT (Network Address Translation) which offers an added layer of security to the local network.

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